Trish Talty

One of the many fruits of David’s extended tenure is having been able to have worked with some of his team for far longer than those individuals may care to admit. Whilst Trish will deny, deny, deny – David and Trish have been tackling the tribulations of insolvency together since the chat around the water cooler was whether Howard would beat Keating.

It surprises some of our clients to learn that the banks are not their enemies. Certainly on the odd occasion they’re the friend you wish you never had, but generally to broker successful outcomes for most of our clients the support and partnership of lenders is critical. It was with this realisation that Trish set about systematically infiltrating the banking sector. During her covert operations at both ANZ and BankWest for over a decade and a half, Trish gained matchless experience in both assessing the risk profiles of retail and corporate clients, and then implementing recovery and turnaround strategies for when risks became realities. As a result, she understands what processes the banks take when faced with distressed borrowers, and uses that appreciation to devise solutions more palatable to lenders.

Trish’s personality sits somewhere between the late Joan Rivers and Germany’s Angela Merkel. Whilst she is unapologetically honest and grounded, Trish has a heightened macro-awareness of her clients’ position and what steps they need to take to transition beyond short term hurdles. When advising clients as to their financial position, Trish favours the truth delivered succinctly over calming fiction delivered softly. You will always know where you sit and where you can go with zero uncertainty.

Unlike David, Trish has a small amount of time to undertake her hobbies. We just have no idea what those hobbies actually are.

The Paperwork
Registered/Official Liquidator
Master of Commerce
Justice of the Peace (Qld)
Bachelor of Science

Institute of Public Accountants (IPA)
Australian Restructuring & Turnaround Association (ARITA)
Women in Insolvency & Restructuring Queensland (WIRQ)