Mitchell Grimmond

Mitchell recently graduated with exemplary grades from a prestigious Brisbane high school. He excelled at all sporting endeavours he participated in, assumed leadership roles and was a hit with the ladies (unconfirmed). He was accepted into an equally prestigious Brisbane university and is now perpetually buried in business and law text books.

Given that raft of questionable traits, we’re now certain that the nuns at Nonnberg Abbey actually meant to sing “How do you solve a problem like Mitchell”. Like Captain Von Trapp did for Fräulein Maria, David felt the safest solution was to employ Mitchell to mind the rest of the Clouts flock.

Mitchell fulfills a plethora of roles at the firm. Some he enjoys – such as assisting in forensic investigations of company’s records, and acting as a watchful eye for us during on-site trading activities. Some he does not – such as ensuring that the rest of the office is kept entirely up to date on Gen-Y internet slang.

As far as the young adults go, we think it’s safe to say he’s our bae, and it’s totes appropes for us to say so.