Kate Lucas

Kate has been part of the Clouts team for a number of years now. She tends to do a great deal of the hard work on a matter; unenviably starting her time in our team assisting John Kennedy in the management of David’s more complicated administrations in the office. After sustaining that baptism of fire she is now working more directly with Trish Talty on her appointments.

Kate grew up in a quintessentially British port town giving her a phenomenal ability to deal with chavs, but more usefully in the insolvency world; a natural ability to negotiate shrewdly. Beyond diligently keeping on top of the day-to-day needs of trading administrations; Kate is taking a more hands-on strategic role within the Clouts team. She’s managed to pull quite a few rabbits out of hats recently and is repeatedly helping to devise canny no-nonsense solutions to clients’ financial predicaments.

While Kate isn’t at Bowen Street she’s generally engaged in tertiary education. In the last couple of years she has attained her registration as a Chartered Accountant and completed the ARITA Insolvency Education Program. Whilst motherhood seems to be momentarily delaying her enrollment in another course; we’re reasonably sure she’s got something in mind for when the time is right. We are all very nice to Kate here at Clouts – the general consensus is that one day she will rule us all.

The Paperwork
Bachelor of Laws – University of Sheffield
Graduate Certificate of Chartered Accounting Foundations
Graduate Diploma of Chartered Accounting
ARITA Advanced Certification

Institute of Chartered Accountants
Australian Restructuring Insolvency & Turnaround Association (ARITA)
Women in Insolvency & Restructuring Queensland (WIRQ)