John Kennedy

Every office has an oddball; that one character who refuses to conform to the mould and as a result captivates and enchants their co-workers with their differing perspectives and unique experiences. In our office; that individual is a 1 year old puppy named Billie who occasionally visits – she’s just the best. We also have a lawyer in our office named John who is also a bit odd, but certainly not nearly as captivating or enchanting as Billie.

Professional life for John started in a law firm specialising in the commercialisation of intellectual property and structuring to best safeguard intangible assets against liquidators in insolvency scenarios. In a very Sun Tzu know your enemy kind of way John now specialises in undoing those structures where possible and is our go-to-guy on all matters imbued with legal complexity. His commercial experience and first hand insight into the entrepreneurial mindset has helped shape him as a strategic negotiator when teamed with David; and despite his qualification over the years he has learned how to understand balance sheets and likes nothing more than to sell ice to Eskimos.

The Paperwork
Bachelor of Laws – UQ
Bachelor of Arts – UQ
Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice

Queensland Law Society (QLS)
Turnaround Management Association (TMA)