Hanane Aitoumerri

Behind every team there are generally some people who do all the real work. Whilst Mr Clout tends to shoulder far more of the burden than he’s probably happy about; in the back rooms of Bowen St someone is getting on with the less glamourous side of the job. One such load bearer is Hanane, who primarily supports Ana in her management of some of David and Trish’s administrations.

Being tres French; Hanane attacks a matter much like napoleon – she conquers all of it; and swiftly. What many may not appreciate is that the conduct of trading on a business is equally as complicated as it is for our clients. There are a lot of day-to-day operational decisions to be made and a lot of relationships to be carefully managed. Hanane makes sure the wheels keep turning post appointment and calms those keen to apply the brakes. We’re yet to see her lose her temper in a meeting or on the phone despite countless justifiable excuses, but rest assured, if you upset her she will call you an idiot after she is out of earshot, and it will be pronounced in a delightfully Parisian accent.

Hanane is currently enjoying the joyous extracurricular activity of completing her Chartered Accountants course. At the time of writing; based on the sigh she exhales on a Friday afternoon we’re fairly confident she doesn’t have any other hobbies presently. As she never says, “nothing beats a weekend of theoretical cash flow forecasting”. We’re waiting with baited breath to see what occupies her time post CA course – we’re not saying it is certain it will involve an unhealthy level of affection for cats; but it is highly likely to involve an unhealthy level of affection for cats.

The Paperwork
Bachelor of Accounting – European School of Operational Management (France)
Master of Professional Accounting – QUT
Graduate Diploma of Management – Central Queensland University

Institute of Chartered Accountants